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EnviroCert International

EnviroCert International, Inc. (ECI) is a 501(c)(6) Non Profit Organization whose purpose is to safeguard life, health, and property, and to promote the public welfare. ECI is the gold-medal standard and leader in the stormwater certification. EnviroCert was established to provide guidelines for the practice of Stormwater Quality (CPSWQ), Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), Municipal Separate Sewer Storm Systems (CMS4S), and Stormwater Inspections (CESSWI).

EnviroCert offers these professional certifications, which can be earned by demonstrating certain qualifications based on a combination of education and experience, and passing an international exam. These certifications cover the regulations, design, and inspection for the construction, municipal, stormwater modeling and hydrology, and multi-sector/industrial fields.

The right to engage in the practice of Stormwater Quality and Management is a personal right, based on the qualifications of the person as evidenced by the person's certificate, which shall not be transferable. These standards ensure that EnviroCert provides the stormwater community and regulatory agencies with the appropriate.

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